18 Sep 2022 17H00

Genève - Alhambra

Gunhild Carling and the Big Up' Band will be live in concert at the Alhambra in Geneva on September 18, 2022. Jazz, the kind that swings, that swirls, that moves your legs, your arms as much as your head; the one that thanks to which you will you will certainly all get up to dance! It’s Impossible to do anything else with this exceptional entertainer: the great Gunhild Carling! With her huge smile and her trombone, this Swedish jazz star will, certainly, enchant you. New Orleans and its kings of jazz won't be far behind beating the beat of these sparkling, melodic and joyful sounds. Don't forget your "headbands", your pumps and your cherry red lipstick Ladies! Tonite, these gentlemen are taking you dancing